Renegade: A Summary

Riley just wants to be left alone.

Getting kidnapped and thrown into a cell with Darius Ardeshir, her greatest enemy and Heir of the Pride, was most definitely not the plan.  Luckily Riley’s no swooning damsel in distress, so her escape is fairly easy.

What surprises everyone, including herself, is when she lets Darius tag along.  After dragging her ill-equipped companion through the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park and finally sending him safely over the Border back into Pride territory, Riley is content to pretend that the entire fiasco never happened.

Darius is not so content.  When he finally figures out that the girl who helped him escape is really Riley Daciana, the daughter of the Mad Prince and leader of the Pack, he is understandably irritated.  Since he was 9 years old, he has dreamt of a way to end the centuries-long war that has plagued the Shifters of the United States.  If he can persuade Riley to help him – a task that may be beyond even his boundless, cat-like manipulation skills – then maybe he can turn his dream into a reality.  But can he convince Riley, someone who is his opposite in almost every way, to put aside generations of ingrained hatred and trust him?

At this point, Riley will agree to anything just to get him to stop talking.


First three chapters will be posted soon!

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