Hey Guys

So, I feel like it’s pretty obvious that I’m not going to be able to update this blog as much as I’d like/thought I’d be able to. You’d think I’d be better at knowing my limits after finishing a whole book, but apparently not. Le sigh.

But I promise I’m not going to disappear. Life has just been… crazy. But good news is me and a couple of my other writer friends have started a monthly workshop/critique group. We set goals for each month, so hopefully that will help me stay on top of things more! Fingers crossed. (I’m also working on a completely different story for that, so once I have a good chunk done, I’ll definitely post that.) (It’s a high fantasy with elemental magic. And a really hot thief lord, so I’m excited.)

Posting schedule moving forward will honestly be whenever I have time. Definitely once a month. Hopefully more. But I do still have a lot of real person responsibilities. If anything changes, I’ll let you know!

Alright, back to the grindstone. Dia out.


(Happy almost Holidays!)

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